Social Anxiety Disorder Resources and Guide
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Social Anxiety and Meeting New People

Jamie, a twenty year old college student, hasn’t ever been on a date. She’s attractive, funny, and smart, and guys ask her out often enough.

Even though she seems like a total package, though, she can’t bring herself to respond to their advances. Usually when a man makes a move, she clams up and gets extremely shy. She blushes and her mind goes blank; she can’t think of anything to say. Her palms get sweaty and her heart starts beating faster. She is literally paralyzed with fear and anxiety.

Then she turns them down.

What if she’s stumped for conversation on their date and things become awkward? What if she spills something on herself or looks stupid while she’s eating? What if he begins talking about something she doesn’t know anything about?

The risks just seem too great. She wants to have romance in her life, and she fears that she’ll be alone forever.


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