Social Anxiety Disorder Resources and Guide

Social Anxiety: Personal Experiences

You are not alone. Social Anxiety Disorder affects over five million people each year.

The personal stories below can give you some insight into what you might be experiencing, and may offer some ideas, techniques and relief options that can help.

Social Anxiety In The Workplace

A brief look at Tim, a 30 year old man who experiences social anxiety in the workplace. Though not completely debilitating, his social phobia may eventually lead to more severe conditions that can begin to affect not only his career, but also his home life. Read more about Tim

Social Anxiety and Meeting New People

Jamie is a successful college student who often has trouble meeting new people, especially potential partners. Read more about Jamie

Social Anxiety in Public Places

Jean is a 50 year old women who experiences social anxiety in public places. She is often embarrased when performing routine tasks, such as going to the grocery store. Read more about Jean

Social Anxiety: A Personal Look at How It Happens and How To Find Relief

Kate gives us a first-person perspective into the difficulties that social anxiety may cause. Learn how social anxiety negatively affects Kate's ability to get her job done, and how she was able to cope. Read Kate's Story


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