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Side Effects of Prescription Drugs

Medication Side Effects are becoming more and more debilitating as pharmaceutical companies struggle to outdo themselves. In a recent article by Susan Heavey of Reuters, the FDA discusses the need for letting people know what side effects really exist with prescription drugs and how severe these medication side effects may become. Although unlikely in most cases, some prescription drug side effects include suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

A couple of stories that stand out in recent times are Andrea Yates, who was taking Prozac at the time she murdered her 5 children, and Eric Harris, known for his roll in the Columbine shootings, who was taking Luvox at the time they occurred.

Although these drugs are taken by millions of people, side effects do exist and can be potentially debilitating.

To learn more about prescription drug side effects, click one of the anti depressants below. You will receive a full, detailed overview of mild side effects ranging from nausea and headaches, to comprehensive drug interaction and medication side effect information.

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