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Talking to Family and Friends About Social Anxiety

When you’re suffering from social anxiety disorder, it can be hard to open up to those close to you about what you’re going through. It’s important to let them know what it going on, though, because they are also dealing with emotions surrounding your disorder. They can help you through this difficult time, too, if they understand more about your social anxiety. Opening the lines of communication can make it easier for you and the people who love you to get through this period.

Start by explaining social anxiety disorder to your friends, family, partner, and children. Let them know what social anxiety disorder is like, what you experience in certain situations, and how this affects you emotionally. If you’re seeking professional help, explain that you’re getting treatment and what the process involves. It might be helpful to get them involved in your therapy with joint sessions to deal with their feelings about your disorder. They may be hurt, confused, frightened, or angry about your behavior, and it’s important for you to deal with their emotions together. There are books and other informational resources that you can share with them to help them help you and themselves in dealing with your social anxiety. You are not alone in this, even if it often feels that way.

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