Social Anxiety Disorder Resources and Guide
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Social Anxiety and You

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) can have an extremely debilitating effect on the life of the sufferer. It can keep people from reaching out and having the life they want both personally and professionally.

Some people with SAD avoid taking classes that might require a lot of interaction with classmates or oral presentations, work in jobs that are below their skill level to avoid too much contact with others, or develop a substance abuse problem to cope with their overwhelming discomfort in social situations.

Students might develop a school phobia because they’re afraid of their peers, young twenty-something’s might find themselves too dependent on their parents due to fear of dealing with the outside world, and some might find themselves involuntary virgins into their late twenties because of extreme shyness in romantic situations.

Most people who suffer from SAD know that their fears are irrational and unfounded, but they don’t have the tools and knowledge necessary to deal with their situation.

If you’re suffering with social anxiety disorder, it’s important to know that there is help. Social anxiety, or what you perceive as overwhelming shyness, is not a personality trait that you’re born with and can do nothing about; it’s a way of perceiving situations and the world around you, and you can learn new ways of perception to help combat this disorder.

There Is Hope

Social Anxiety Tips

Talking With Family and Friends


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