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Clarocet NRI for nervousness, nervous tension and occasional anxiety

Shyness and occasional anxiety are normal stress responses to unfamiliar situations, people and places. In fact, almost everyone experiences some level of moderate stress and anxiety when exposed to new things.

Choosing a dietary supplement that helps to provide positive support during these periods of heightened emotional stress is essential for healthy emotional function.

What is Clarocet NRI?

Clarocet NRI is a dietary supplement indicated for the relief of occasional nervousness, nervous tension and anxiety, a reduced immune system response due to physical or emotional stressors, and low energy levels and daytime fatigue.

How does Clarocet NRI work?

Clarocet NRI is developed using an elevated concentration of natural sedative ingredients which provide fast-acting, non-drowsy relaxation benefits when needed most. The balanced blend of active ingredients in the Clarocet NRI nutritional-herbal complex is formulated into a plant-derived cellulose capsule. This ensures an immediate response that works within just 15 to 30 minutes and lasts for up to 8 hours per use. When combined with a healthy lifestyle and active participation in a wellness plan, the ingredients in Clarocet NRI can help to promote emotional well-being and provide positive support during periods of heightened emotional stress.

How does Clarocet NRI differ from Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Winter Cherry and other dietary supplements?

The active ingredients in the Clarocet NRI nutritional herbal complex provide a broad spectrum effect that single-herb supplements cannot. Clarocet NRI is formulated using a precise blend of plant-based medicines, essential vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids that promote relaxation, positive mood balance and healthy nervous system function.

Will Clarocet NRI cause side effects?

Clarocet NRI safety and usage statistics provided by the manufacturer show that mild to moderate side effects have been reported in 0.5% of users. Side effects included dry mouth, headache, stomach upset, and allergic reaction in hypersensitive individuals.

Will Clarocet NRI treat social anxiety disorder?

Clarocet NRI is a dietary supplement that is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration ( to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease such as social anxiety disorder.

Where can I learn more about Clarocet NRI?

You can learn more about Clarocet NRI at You’ll be able to review Clarocet NRI supplement facts, safety and usage information, and more frequently asked questions about the product.

Where can I buy Clarocet NRI?

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